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...because we can do practically everything!

Because we can do practically everything

– we mean that quite literally. After all, our team is comprised of practitioners who themselves work in the hotel and restaurant business and precisely know the specific requirements of the industry. We know every action, every process, every problem, but also the satisfying feeling of making employees and guests smile. Our team of experts knows where the challenges lie before opening a hotel or a restaurant and where the stumbling blocks in the working routine are. This quite literally practical view allows us together with the customer to find feasible and realistic solutions that can also be implemented easily in day-to-day business.

We are happy to share our expertise with you and assist you with the planning, opening or restructuring of your hotel or restaurant.

Yours, Edgar Bachschmid

About me

Edgar Bachschmid

Managing Director: Hotel Fuggerhof***in Oberstdorf, Allgäuer Event Agentur, aea – Hotel and Gastronomy Consulting, trained chef, hotel trader, certified graduate in hotel management

“Hotels and restaurants are my vocation. I’ve been working in this industry for over 20 years, and I face new challenges every day. Challenges that can only be faced in a team. Only together can the best result be achieved. I am convinced of that. My companies also intentionally have flat hierarchies, so I rely on team spirit and that’s why sometimes even the boss does the washing up if the worst comes to the worst. I love it – for me, that feels alive.”
Curriculum Vitae

Site analysis and pre-opening management

For new builds and existing properties, we contribute our practical experience and expertise with:
  • Designing and spatial planning for efficient operational processes
  • Meetings with the architect and construction company
  • Analysis of an existing property
  • Lease arrangement and accompaniment of the lease negotiations

In the phase before the opening, we assist our customers both with planning and also with the implementation of all project-relevant measures, e.g. with:
  • Determining the pre-opening budget
  • Acquiring staff
  • Negotiating contracts and obtaining quotations
  • Necessary approvals
  • The price calculation
  • Supervising the opening preparations, the design and implementation of the opening event

Operational analysis and change management

A change of generation, new lease, increase in profits – there are many reasons to take a close look at operational processes. Changing these and other solid analyses requires sensitivity and, in our opinion, a good dose of practical experience – and we have that. In doing so, we help our customers to identify the necessary operational as well as cross-departmental change potential and realise this in a practical way.

Our services include:

Personnel coaching

Process orientation
“We’ve always done it that way.” – a sentence that has surely caused problems for many a company. Especially because we know from practice how hindering processes and services can be, we consider it an important component of comprehensive quality to check them from time to time. We are convinced that this area holds great potential as a great deal of trading and elaborate work is often undertaken in the hotel and restaurant business. It is thus possible that current technologies and systems are not yet or not fully being used or complicated internal processes sometimes make work elaborate and slow. This can be frustrating – especially if there is also a tense employee situation and a lack of trained staff.

We help you with:
  • Assessing processes at reception, in service, in the kitchen, on the floor and in the office
  • Optimising processes and streamlining services
  • Checking standardised procedures and, if applicable, simplifying them
  • Taking into account current trends and guest expectations
  • Saving costs
  • Checking assignment of personnel

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